Joshua Tree In Home Session | Faraz & Kamelia

Faraz & Kamelia choose to do an in home session at the coolest airbnb right outside of Joshua Tree National Park. It had an incredible view overlooking the valley. This beautiful home was originally built as horse stables but then was transformed into a beautiful retreat home. Its filled with authentic details, original cowboy aesthetics and furniture from Bali! Every little corner of this home was so cute and I was so excited to shoot an in home session at such a perfect place!

It was all laughs and endless cuddles with these two! Their energy & love for each other was evident! Seriously made my heart melt!  We had such a blast taking pictures in all the cute corners of this home and ended the session with them getting in the hot tub and getting into the outside stone shower that the airbnb had! We ended the night with making tacos and sitting by the fire laughing and having a good time! This evening couldn't have gone any more perfect and I didn't want it to end!

Ever thought about doing an in home session with your boo? Whether you choose to do it in your home, or rent an neat looking airbnb, in home sessions are a ton of fun! Since its inside, your not limited by what the weather is like. It could be sunny or rainy and the photos will still look amazing! You get to get cozy and snuggle up with each other, even have a pillow fight, and play with your pets. Whatever you choose to do - it's nice having photos to look back upon and remember the good times and endless laughter you shared together in your home.

If you've been wanting to do an in home session - I’m your gal! Click here to get to know more about me and contact me if ya feel like we can be friends! Can't wait to meet you!