Powell Butte | Portland Oregon | Vlad + Mariana

Mariana and I met a few months ago and we instantaneously clicked and became the best of friends! She is also a wedding photographer and you definitely have to go check out her Instagram and her website because i’m a huge fan of her photography! One thing that I absolutely love about being a photographer is that not only do I get to meet new people, but that  I get to meet amazing new friends that literally feel like we've been friends our entire lifetime!

We drove out to Powell Butte during sunset, a lil gem that I never knew existed near the Portland area and explored the trails together. There was quite a bit of people there but we managed to find a little area where there were no people at all and got some beautiful photos in the golden fields. We went up the trail and also found this little area where it was all surrounded by trees and got some pictures with the last bit of fall leaves on the floor.

My favorite part about Powell Butte was that once we went up the trails a bit, we got to see both Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens from up top. It was slightly overcast but we were lucky enough that there were no clouds hiding them so that we could see them! Although the sun was sorta peeking out, it was so windy and cold! But we managed to stay a bit warm by running around in the trees and didn't let the cold stop us from having an amazing time together!

The day ended with gifting us the most breathtaking sunset that lit the whole sky on fire - make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see the sunset that we got to witness.  

Let me start off by saying that Annie is so talented at what she does. Me and my husband had a couples shoot with her, and we had SOOO much fun the whole entire time. She really knows how to capture the true love between two people. The photos were PERFECT. Perfect in all the ways, not just beautiful landscapes and beautiful poses but perfect in the way she captured our crazy laughs, those sweet lil in between moments that make my heart smile when I look back at them. Can’t thank you enough Annie for capturing such a sweet time in our lives!

- Mariana + Vlad