How to Prepare for your

Engagement Session

I know what it feels like to stress about what to wear, what to expect (especially if it's your first time getting your photos professionally taken) and just the whole “getting your pictures taken” thing. You experience all kinds of emotions. I’ve had my pictures taken before too so I know what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera and felt all the mixed feelings of excitement and a bit of fear of what to expect. I just want to encourage you and let you know that I’m here for you and that our shoot is going to be AMAZING because your not here for me, I’m here for YOU. I’m here to document your love, your story, your moments and I couldn't be more excited to do so. It's not about just the pretty photos at a pretty location - it's about documenting this really exciting time in your life and spending time together in a beautiful place! It’s about capturing these special moments that you'll cherish forever. Photos that you'll get to show your children and maybe even grandkids one day!

Here are a few tips I wanted to give to you before we meet up!

  1. The day of the shoot - spend the day together! Relax, there's nothing worse arriving to your shoot feeling rushed and disconnected. Take some time to do what you both love. That could be going out for breakfast, taking a walk at your favorite park or going on an coffee date. Take some time to simply just be with each other.

  2. Dress like yourself - don't stress about this one too much. Wear something you feel beautiful in and wear something that you feel comfortable in. While my wedding guide talks about what colors are best and what colors, patterns and logos to avoid, ultimately, it's about you two. If you wear something you love, the photos will be beautiful!

  3. Leave your expectations in the car - I’ve been on the other side too, so I know about all the expectations that come with having a shoot. Honestly the best thing you can do is leave them in your car. Every photoshoot is unique and beautiful in its own way. Embrace the unknown, the spontaneous, the rain, the wind, whatever may unfold!

  4. Be intentional - below is a list of 5 things you can do that will remind you about how much you care & love your fiance and warm you up for an incredible experience with me at your session. I suggest you do all of them but please choose at least 1 or 2 that you both agree to do:

    1. Love letter - write each other a love letter, it could be in any form.

    2. Your song - play your favorite song on your way to the shoot.

    3. Sweet thing - get a thoughtful/sweet gift for each other.

    4. Promises - think one one thing you want to promise to your partner.

    5. Your favorite thing - think of one (or more!) of your favorite things about your partner. It could be something about their character trait, what they do, etc.

If you have any questions about anything - let me know! I’m beyond excited to see you both!